Light Duty Crank Up


Elevating scaffold products for residential contractors and inside partitions

  • Inside corner brackets
  • Legal to climb
  • Financing available
  • Up to 60 feet high
  • Meets OSHA requirements
  • Assembled safely by two people on the ground


BASE - Adjustable base slides in to 3 feet to move through doorways for inside work and tight spaces, and out to 5 feet for stability. Base also comes with casters for quick and easy moves.

RAISING SCAFFOLD - Pivoted base allows for scaffold to be assembled on the ground and easily set on the wall as well as lowered to move. Scaffold can be assembled up to 60' high and can be pivoted by hand up to twenty feet high.

PLATFORM -  Fits right in with the EZ Scaffold system of flexible scaffolds. Removable platform for quick assembly. Platform is adjustable for split level front and back with three to five material boards, split front with level back (6 material boards!), or level platform.

WINCH - Winch can be cranked from the front or the back of the platform so that the mason or labor can raise the platform. Adjustable handle can extend out for leverage when cranking with a load or in for an easy decent.

TOPOUT HEIGHT - The EZ Scaffold winch system allows you to top out four to five feet above the top of the scaffold! The two foot base, with 4', 6', and 8' extensions, allows you to scaffold any height in two foot increments. The adjustable heights allow for scaffolding inside partitions and moving in and out of doorways while fully assembled. The mason tops out above the scaffold and the built in hop board allows for an easy two foot jump.

SAFETY - Dual freefall locks and dual backlash prevention. Increased Safety-fast and easy!

End panels and safety rail. Assemble one time. No need to jump guardrail.

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