Set Up By Hand

10,000lb capacity

Free Standing Base

Fits Through a 3’0″ door

Easy To Use

Heavy Duty For Masonry


The Compact Mast Climber is light enough to be set up by hand and heavy duty enough for Masonry. It’s also compatible with your existing EZ Mast Climber decks and towers!

It’s design makes it easy to set up. You can use casters to set it up without a forklift, and decks can be installed by hand. While it’s light weight and easy to use, it still can handle up to 10,000lbs and free stand up to 30′ high.

  • Free stand up to 30' high with free standing base
  • 10,000lb capacity up to 35 linear feet with single tower using EZ's cantilever decks
  • Roll through a 3-0 door with the frame on

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