Strength & Stability 2½ times the capacity

Two Speed Winch

Safe – legal to climb

Custom Fabrication

Adjustable Planks – Up to 13 planks

Rated for 550′ high

4,000 lb. Hydraulic hoist with trap


A bunk rack system provides the ability to haul fully assembled


LISTENING! That’s right, listening to the people who knew the most about scaffolding. Listening to those who knew more about building and using scaffolding than anyone. CONTRACTORS, MASONS, TENDERS, and the people who set it up are the EXPERTS.

More Space

Flexibility & USability


Safest In Industry

The only crank up scaffold made today that is legal to climb

The strongest construction, cables, and planks make the Heavy Duty Crank Up the safest option. It’s made with a 5 plank back platform and has an adjustable 0-6 planks. There are 2 fixed center planks that are adjustable up to 8 planks wide. The two speed winch allows the Heavy Duty Crank up to be the fastest to move.

This is legal to climb and access with a 2.5x stronger cable and Safety Dawgs stopping 4 times sooner.

EZ Bridge

EZ Bridge

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