Strength & Stability 2½ times the capacity

Two Speed Winch

Safe – legal to climb

Custom Fabrication

Adjustable Planks – Up to 13 planks

Rated for 550′ high

4,000 lb. Hydraulic hoist with trap


A bunk rack system provides the ability to haul fully assembled


LISTENING! That’s right, listening to the people who knew the most about scaffolding. Listening to those who knew more about building and using scaffolding than anyone. CONTRACTORS, MASONS, TENDERS, and the people who set it up are the EXPERTS.

More Space

  • In the laborer's area the loading platform needed to be wide enough for a full pallet of material, with the ability to put the guardrails back in place.
  • For Mason’s stock. No matter what they were using, they needed more room to stock ahead.

Flexibility & USability

  • Trying to fit all job site requirements, more than just a straight wall.
  • Fewer parts to do the everyday work.


  • A simpler and better cable system, one that would not tangle, knot or flatten.
  • Strength to safely and legally lift the loads required of daily commercial masonry use.

Safest In Industry

  • Remember the Anvil Principle. Having the most usable and masonry friendly design in the industry, we set out with our engineers, to make our scaffold the strongest and safest in the industry. EZ Scaffold is the strongest and safest in the industry! We have not rested with being the best in the industry because EZ Scaffold is committed to the day to day improvement of our products in all areas and - to producing the best scaffold possible. With the continued help of the contractors and other users in the industry, we PLEDGE to endeavor to that end.

The only crank up scaffold made today that is legal to climb

The strongest construction, cables, and planks make the Heavy Duty Crank Up the safest option. It’s made with a 5 plank back platform and has an adjustable 0-6 planks. There are 2 fixed center planks that are adjustable up to 8 planks wide. The two speed winch allows the Heavy Duty Crank up to be the fastest to move.

This is legal to climb and access with a 2.5x stronger cable and Safety Dawgs stopping 4 times sooner.

EZ Bridge

  • Built-in pilaster brackets
  • Custom fabrication to meet your needs
  • 6,700 lb capacity
  • Great for spans - adjustable 10' - 21'

EZ Bridge

  • Built-in pilaster brackets
  • Custom fabrication to meet your needs
  • Set up by hand or move fully assembled
  • 6,700 lb capacity
  • Great for spans - adjustable 10' - 21'
  • Less cranking with bridges

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