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When it comes to reliability and durability, EZ Scaffold offers the strongest and safest products in the industry. Browse our online catalog for all of our parts and models!

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Did you know that you can purchase separate and individual parts of all our scaffolding products? From pins to washers, tension pins, screws, wing nuts, flange nuts, finish nuts, plank adapters, extension decks and more! One of the benefits of our scaffold systems is that they are highly customizable and modular, meaning whatever gets lost or needs to be upgraded can easily be upgraded, replaced, or added on to fit your project independent of what model of EZ Scaffold setup you’re using.

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Models In Our Online Catalog

Some of the scaffolding options we offer are available for purchase in our online catalog. These models include our popular twin mast climber, compact mast climber, and heavy duty crank-up.

Twin Mast Climber

The EZ Scaffold Twin Mast Climber has a 25,000 lb. capacity which is 30-60% more capacity than any other mast climber. You can set up to 5,000 lbs. anywhere on the platform. Offering high speed for multiple trades, the wide open platform gives you the ability to land more stock, cover more wall, and increase production. You can move the platform in less than an hour with a quick setup and low manual labor needs. This model can be set up by two men in less than an hour!

mast climber

Compact Mast Climber

The Compact Mast Climber is light enough to be set up by hand and heavy duty enough for Masonry. It’s also compatible with your existing EZ Mast Climber decks and towers! You can use casters to facilitate an already easy set-up without a forklift, and decks can be installed by hand. While it’s light weight and easy to use, it still can handle up to 10,000lbs and free stand up to 30′ high!

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Heavy Duty Crank Up

Our heavy duty crank up scaffolding offers more scaffold for less money. In the laborer’s area the loading platform needed to be wide enough for a full pallet of material, with the ability to put the guardrails back in place. You won’t have to compromise in size or in safety with our products. Having the most usable and masonry friendly design in the industry, we set out with our engineers, to make our scaffold the strongest and safest in the industry. EZ Scaffold is the strongest and safest in the industry!

heavy duty crank up