Climbing to New Heights in 2022

Do you have a complicated job that requires scaffolding but you can’t find scaffolding that will fit your project anywhere? The EZ Scaffolding Single Mast Climber is the mast climber for you!

Our scaffolding offers modular configurations for different kinds of projects from residential building construction to towers and elevator shafts. Scaffolding platforms can be shrunk or expanded to fit any project, any team, and any use. If you’re looking for parts and attachments to grow your platforms, our store sells individual parts for any project with the compatible uses marked with each part. For example, our plank adapters are compatible with our Compact Mast Climber, Heavy Duty Crank Up, Single Mast Climber, and Twin Mast Climbers.

Other benefits of the Single Mast Climber includes its high weight capacity for multiple crew and materials, its lightweight construction, easy and quick set up, and its high speed. With an 8 foot per minute climbing speed, you’ll have the benefit of fast and efficient project completion, whether you’re working on masonry or any other construction trades such as carpentry.

Decided to upgrade? All parts and components for the Single Mast Climber are compatible with our EZ Twin Mast Climber, meaning that you won’t have to re-purchase parts you’ve acquired for the single mast tower, saving you money while allowing your assets to be ready for any kind of project.


EZ Single Mast Climber Best for Shafts