Feature Product: Twin Mast Climber

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Here at EZ Scaffold, we pride ourselves on being #1 in the elevating scaffold industry. Through listening to the people who knew the most about scaffolding, we developed products that the industry NEEDED. We’ve come up with an expansive line of products to increase your construction business production. One of our most popular products is the Twin Mast Climber.

Benefits of the Twin Mast Climber

  1. Fastest Set-Up – Assemble twice as fast with half the labor. Two men can set it up in less than an hour. It’s so quick to set up, you’ll use it everywhere!

  2. Highest Capacity – The EZ Mast Climber has a 25,000 lb. capacity which is 30-60% more capacity than any other mast climber. You can set up to 5,000 lbs. anywhere on the platform.

  3. Versatile – Up to 13′ of extension anywhere off of the front of the platform. Add 90 degree and Radius decks.
twin mast climber

To learn more about the Twin Mast Climber and all of the other products that we offer, visit our catalog, or give us a call to speak to one of our expert team members!