Frames vs. Mast Climbers

Since mankind has been building there has been the use of scaffolding. While the core concept of scaffolding hasn’t changed, scaffolding models have evolved beyond simple wooden frames and planks.


Frame Scaffolding

It’s more important now than ever to be as efficient and productive as possible. Every job requires the right scaffold for maximum productivity, which means not every scaffold has to be a mast climber. Frame scaffolding is manufactured from tubing and available in many shapes and sizes with a ladder and walk through sections. It’s less expensive and ideal for smaller projects.

Mast Climbers

The benefit of mast climber scaffolding, is the ease of use and increased safety and production while also decreasing the need for labor. With a mast climber system from EZ Scaffold, you have many options depending on project size and labor need. From small spaces such as elevator shafts to building the walls of a skyscraper.

Unconventional Uses

As we mentioned before sometimes you can’t avoid using a frame, but that doesn’t mean that you have to dispense the use of mast climber scaffolding all together. In one project building an elevator shaft, McGee Brothers used our compact master climber – an easy to use system that can be set up by hand and ideal for heavy duty masonry. With our provided training and certification, McGee employees were able to complete their project and then dismantle the compact climber to remove it through the small elevator door.

Frames vs. Mast Climbers 1

In another project, Luna Masonry was working on several school jobs but were struggling to find good scaffolding to build partitions and hallways. “I have good guys, and we do good work,” said Rufino Gill. “But no matter how good you are, it is almost impossible to keep a frame scaffold safe, much less compliant.”

Thankfully, our combat mast climber allowed the contractors of Luna masonry to work both sides of hallways from the scaffold without having to move or reconfigure the setup. “Labor is a major issue now more than ever. We have to do more with less. The EZ Compact Mast Climber allows us spend less time installing scaffold and requires less labor.Not having to constantly worry about, as well as spend so much time fixing, scaffold issues allows us to spend more of our day getting block in the wall, being productive.”