Scaffolding For Summer Residential Projects

National home remodeling month is in May. and the summer is one of the hottest months for residential renovations! Do you have everything you need to take any kind of project?

Summer Residential Projects

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular in home renovation projects, but what if you’re a contractor that’s looking to branch out into home extensions and residential exterior painting? Or looking to offer power washing and window cleaning services? Having the right equipment for the job is necessary to comply to all OSHA regulations and keep your employees safe.

Depending on your necessities, there are a variety of scaffolding that’s both easy to install and operate that can greatly increase the efficiency of your workers, leadings to higher profits from more projects completed faster and without cutting corners. 

The EZ Scaffold light duty crank up scaffolding is ideal for residential contractors independent of your trade. It includes inside corner brackets, heights of up to sixty feet, can be easily assembled by two people, meets OSHA requirements, and is legal to climb! Offering easy access to tight spaces with enough strength to hold up masonry and personnel on an adjustable pivoted base, it’s the ideal choice from young companies to trusted long-term contractors looking to ‘up’ their stake in the construction game.

Summer Residential Projects

Another option is our Compact Mast Climber. The Compact Mast Climber is light enough to be set up by hand and heavy duty enough for Masonry. It’s also compatible with your existing EZ Mast Climber decks and towers! Its design makes it easy to set up. You can use casters to set it up without a forklift and decks can be installed by hand. While it’s light weight and easy to use, it still can handle up to 10,000lbs and free stand up to 30′ high for whatever masonry, painting, roofing, or exterior job that comes your way!