We Asked The Experts: Here’s What They Said

When designing our revolutionary mast climbers and standing scaffolding, we consulted the people who know scaffolding better than anyone : contractors, mason, tenders, and carpenters. What feedback did they give us? 

More Space
To accommodate laborers and masons, we made the loading platform wide enough for a full pallet of materials with enough left over to stock ahead
We improved our cable system so our cables would not tangle, knot, or flatten. This strengthened the cables to safety and legally lift loads for daily use
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“I need something I can use on cut-up jobs, something easy and fast to assemble.” Thankfully, all our systems are easy to assemble and have been used for unconventional and awkward spaces often. We got rid of the nuts and bolts and offer fewer parts for simpler, everyday work
When it comes to reliability and durability, EZScaffold offers the strongest and safest product. We take pride in offering the most usable, masonry friendly design to ensure your projects are done correctly, without the worry of safety hazards.