Why Now Is the Best Time For Your Spring Construction Projects!

Summer may be the ideal time to start project, but spring construction work is not completely out of the realm of possibility. Construction work is a lot more than simply putting hammer to nail, after all. Here are some reasons why spring is the best time to start your projects

Materials and Equipment

Summer is prime time for construction projects, but spring is when a surprising amount of work gets done. Before you can break ground, it’s important to pre-order and schedule your equipment and your material deliveries with appropriate quantities, taking into account the burden of logistics and project timelines. Any delay in the pipeline will delay the project, but also allows you and your team to secure in funding resources if those resources are not entirely allocated by the beginning of construction.

Once your building materials arrive, it’s time to break ground and get going! Unfortunately, buildings are often taller than the average human, so it’s important to acquire all of the safety and mobility equipment your masons and carpenters need such as planking, pulleys, hardhats, safety clothing, communication devices, and scaffolding. EZ Scaffold is the leading manufacturer of scaffolding products and is here to help with any of your scaffolding needs. From tight elevator shafts to new, multi floor, multi unit residential and commercial buildings, nothing will stop your crew when you use our equipment

Spring Construction Weather and Environment

Spring officially begins March 20th and this means that daylight savings time isn’t far behind. Now that the days are longer, your crew will have more sunlight to work safely without deploying artificial lighting and raising your budget for extra equipment. Another benefit of springtime building is that laying foundation is easier once the ground thaws, aiding in the completion of the project. 

spring construction

A softer ground also makes it ideal to landscape around your building or home, raising the value of the building for the new tenants or buyers and increasing profit margins for your work.

Warmer temperatures in spring are perfect, with enough heat for temperature sensitive materials like paint and concrete, but not too hot to cause a health hazard to your workers. Low morale and poor working conditions can be just as damaging as poorly laid concrete and you’ll be certain to hear complaints from unions that could result in severe consequences. Don’t take a risk, make sure everyone at the site is happy, healthy, and productive!