Rated Height 550’+


Versatile. Strong.

High capacity for masonry

High Speed for all trades

Weather protection

Twin Mast Climber 1
Twin Mast Climber 2
Twin Mast Climber 3

Fastest Set-up - Assemble Twice as Fast with Half the Labor

Just hook up the decks. No bolts or parts required! Two men can set up in less than an hour. Move with a 6,000 lb. lift! Swivels to easily square to the wall.

So quick to set up, you’ll use it everywhere, from 10′ to 500′ high! The EZ Scaffold Mast Climber is for more than those long, high walls.

No more waiting on the scaffold. The scaffold is ready when you are. Easy operation. No levers and hooks, just turn the switch.

Highest Capacity - High Speed for Multi-Trade

The EZ Mast Climber has a 25,000 lb. capacity which is 30-60% more capacity than any other mast climber. You can set up to 5,000 lbs. anywhere on the platform.

The EZ Mast Climber is high speed for multiple trades. The wide open platform gives you the ability to land more stock, cover more wall, and increase production. You can move the platform in less than an hour. The EZ Mast Climber is more productive than working on the ground, scissor lifts, or boom lifts. Increase production with little or no extra effort. It’s amazing what keeping a platform stocked does for production.


Up to 13′ of extension any where off of the front of the platform. 90 degree and Radius decks. EZ Mast Climbers make your cut-up jobs EZ.

Do more with less

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